United States opens flights to Cuba

Skies are Open for U.S. Flights to Cuba

by Stephanie Engle
It’s not just the tropical sun that’s beating against Cuba’s tarmac: commercial U.S. airlines now have the opportunity to touch down on the island. On August 31st, JetBlue took off from Florida’s... more
Zika virus and travel questions

Zika Virus Information & Travel Tips

by Stephanie Engle
What to Know Before You Go and How to Pack for Prevention This summer and fall, and beyond, with Zika virus going strong throughout much of Latin America and the Caribbean, many a traveler’s... more

Girls Guide to Getting Dirty on the River

by Ashley Borman
For many women going without a your normal hygiene routine for five days is no big deal, for others the thought can cause night terrors and panic attacks. Here are some easy tips and tricks to help... more
Little Kai kitchen at our whale camp on Vancouver Island

Make Like Bigfoot and Leave No Trace!

by Janice Miller
People often wonder how to minimize their footprint on the environment when they travel - or how they might "leave no trace." The good news is that there is an entire organization that teaches the... more
No Vacancy

No Vacancy: Plan Ahead to Get the Vacation You Want!

by Janice Miller
“I’m sorry, but…” The one thing your adventure consultant does not want to tell you, but sometimes has to. My goal, as an adventure consultant, is to give great service paired with realistic... more
Carry-on Luggage

TSA Hacks

by Janice Miller
You’ve seen the signs around the airport, you know that you will be screened, but people still find TSA rules confusing and limiting. With the rise of the cost of checked luggage, and some airlines... more


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