A River Guide's Resolutions

A River Guide's New Year's Resolutions

by Aylan Lee
It's that time of year when we make lists of resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives in the new year. River life teaches us a lot about living. Below are a handful of river-inspired lessons... more
Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho whitewater rafting

"Difficult" Re-adjustments River Guides Make to Civilized Living

by Lenore Perconti
After river season I moved to Portland, OR. This is my first time living in a city with public transportation. This is my first time living in a place where I can't travel for three minutes and see... more
Running the Rio Maranon South America The Primary Source

#Causes: The Primary Source - Running the Río Marañón

by Sam Morrison
I was sick; really sick. The kind of sick many people experience when traveling overseas, where your guts feel like there is something living inside them. Tom and I were on an eight hour van ride... more
River Life: Life of a Guide - Enjoying the River Life

#RiverLife: Life of a Guide - What Do Your Parents Think?

by Aylan Lee
Working a full season on the river, I field a lot of questions. Some are funny. Some are pertinent. Some even provoke deep thought. Having done this for a few years, I now have a solid list of the... more
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