Kayaking in Zapata National Park

Explore Cuba’s Biodiversity at the American Museum of Natural History’s New ¡Cuba! Exhibit

by Stephanie Engle
The Cuban National Museum of Natural History (Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Cuba, MNHN) is collaborating with the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) on research, education, and... more
Running the Rio Maranon South America The Primary Source

#Causes: The Primary Source - Running the Río Marañón

by Sam Morrison
I was sick; really sick. The kind of sick many people experience when traveling overseas, where your guts feel like there is something living inside them. Tom and I were on an eight hour van ride... more
Whitewater Rafting down the Futaleufu

Treat Yourself: Resolve to Go On a Fit-cation this Year

by Brittany Dern
In the new year, many of us make resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle. One aspect of a healthy lifestyle is exploration and adventure, thus satisfying the mind and body. Add a little adventure... more
Galapagos Islands

Where in the World is Peter Grubb? 2014 Edition

by Peter Grubb
In mid-December I was heading out the door for a one day trip to Boise, Idaho for the annual Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association meeting.  Betsy, my wife of 30 years, asked me “How many... more

The Anatomy of a Kayaker

by Janice Miller
There is a certain time of the day that you just instinctively know that you need to be out on the water. Whether it is the crisp morning air, the promise of a hot sun, or just the fact that you... more
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