A River Guide's Resolutions

A River Guide's New Year's Resolutions

by Aylan Lee
It's that time of year when we make lists of resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives in the new year. River life teaches us a lot about living. Below are a handful of river-inspired lessons... more
Government Cheese - photo courtesy of Mary Caperton Morton

Government Cheese

by Landon Moores
If you ever find yourself in the Clarkston Warehouse, you will see a cutting board with “OOPS!” scrawled on it in a Sharpie riveted to the wall above the staircase. At first glance, you might miss it... more
River Life: Life of a Guide - Enjoying the River Life

#RiverLife: Life of a Guide - What Do Your Parents Think?

by Aylan Lee
Working a full season on the river, I field a lot of questions. Some are funny. Some are pertinent. Some even provoke deep thought. Having done this for a few years, I now have a solid list of the... more
How guides get ready for river rafting season

#RiverLife: How a River Guide Gets Ready for Rafting Season

by Acadia Gantz
For some river guides, the move to river season is as simple as driving their car with the few belongings they have to the warehouse. For the ones that have a semi-permanent residence in the winter... more
Connelly Brown on the Snake River

Great Beards of ROW!

by Janice Miller
If you love rafting down the rivers, camping under the stars, eating dutch oven meals, and exploring the wilderness with reckless abandon, you also likely love beards. ROW Adventures has a fine... more
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