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5 dream trips of a lifetime

CNN Money | January, 2014

Make 2014 the year you finally take that epic getaway. These five itineraries let you live your travel fantasies for less.

Galapagos Unbound

Thomas Jefferson Kitts Goes Rogue

Plein Air Magazine | January, 2014
"Last September, I joined a five-day float trip through the Rogue River Wilderness Area in Southern Oregon, during which my focus was to paint en plein air. The adventure was organized by James Sampsel of ROW Adventures, an experienced river guide who loves to raft and paint."
Rogue River Rafting

Weeklong Getaway

Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine | November, 2013

ROW Sea Kayak Adventures - Local Company Offers Whale Watching in a Much Warmer Climate

Baja Aventura
A Guide to Rugged Roads Wall Street Journal

A Guide to Rugged Roads

Wall Street Journal | August, 2013

Here's a look at several outfits that focus on adventure travel and older vacationers.

5 Ways to Adventure in North America

5 Ways to Adventure in North America

Recommend Magazine | July, 2013

ROW Adventures, rated one of the “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure magazine, features a variety of white-water rafting trips, but its Salmon River rafting trip, Riviera of the West, stands out because of its “diverse characteristics…it’s not the cold, rainy trip some might expect from a trip to the Northwest,” says Mychal Ferger, director of public relations for the company...

Salmon River Rafting

Work Out While Seeing the World

Star Tribune | May, 2013

“You don’t have to be an athlete, you don’t have to be in top condition, you don’t have to go jogging three miles a day,” said Peter Grubb, president of Idaho-based ROW Adventures ( “We have, I would say, something to cater to just about any sort of physical activity that people want.”

Salmon River Rafting
Tourism Review

An Alternative Way to Experience the Galapagos Islands

Tourism Review Online Magazine | April, 2013

Anyone who has been to Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands or ever dreamed of going there has a pretty clear understanding that the experience is stacked heavily in favor of the rare and endangered wildlife as well as toward the protection of one of the most fragile environments on earth. Human access is carefully controlled, with the vast majority of visitors spending all but a tiny part of their visit there on a small-ship educational cruise with guided Zodiac excursions to specifically designated landings and trails along the shores of islands they are licensed to visit.

Great Family Adventures: ROW Adventures' 'Family Magic Rafting Trip on the Salmon River'

Outside Magazine | March, 2013

This four- or five-day rafting trip down Idaho's Salmon River covers up to 74 miles of easy and intermediate (Class II-IV) rapids at a pace that allows stops to play on the big, sandy beaches and swim the not-too-cold water. After a brief safety and how-to training, you’ll be on your way down the legendary waterway. Keep a lookout for the river’s abundant wildlife, from bass, trout, and steelhead to river otters and eagles. The journey stops for Native American rock art and pioneer homesteads, and a stretch traverses Blue Canyon, so named for its dark igneous rock. Off the water, a “river jester” coordinates kids’ activities...

Family Magic Rafting Trip
The New York Times

Hiking Beyond Borders in the Balkans

The New York Times | March, 2013

"Peter Grubb, the owner of an Idaho-based outfitter called ROW Adventures, sat in the corner flipping through maps under the lone working light bulb. We were in Room 305 of Hotel Rosi, a bright yellow block of a building in Gusinje, a predominately Muslim community in the former Yugoslav republic of Montenegro. South of here, a rocky trail climbed steadily into a vampiric maw of limestone peaks. Tomorrow we would follow that trail and slip virtually unnoticed into Albania..."

Galapagos Island Tours

Eye Explore Magazine | February, 2013

ROW's Galapagos Islands Adventure Tour, "Galapagos Unbound", is a multisport vacation and the first of its kind offered in this tropical archipelago. This trip gets you off the typical cruise ship-based Galapagos tour and allows you to see the diverse wildlife and scenery of these islands from behind a paddle. Snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking through the Galapagos gives you the most intimate journey possible in this incredible island chain. ROW's Galapagos Islands adventure vacation is the most sustainable eco-tour of the Galapagos available...

Galapagos Islands Adventure Cruises & Tours