Travel Taught Me...

Travel Taught Me... 2.0

by Mychal Ferger
  Last year we released a short list of what travel teaches us. We decided to get some more ideas from ROW staffers to add to the list, as learning from travel is an ongoing experience. Here... more
Happy Camper at Baja Whale Camp

The FAQs of Adventure Travel

by Janice Miller
"You’re going to think this is a silly question but…" The "FAQs" are, when you're planning a tour with an Adventure Consultant, it’s safe to assume one thing: we’ve probably heard your questions... more
Kayaking in Antarctica

Four Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on Your Antarctica Adventure

by Naomi West
Congratulations! You’ve decided to travel to Antarctica. Get ready to take an amazing trip to the end of the earth and see things that are unlike anything you’ve seen before, unless you have... more

Hindsight is 20/20: Tourist Scams

by Janice Miller
We all know that sometime in our travels, people are going to see us as nothing more than a wealthy foreigner who has a penchant for hemorrhaging money and plenty of cash stuffed in our pockets.... more
First Aid for Your Best Friend

First Aid for Your Best Friend

by Janice Miller
Packing a first aid kit is essential on your hiking and backpacking trips (or any trip, for that matter)! You remember your bandages, antibiotic ointment, ibuprofen, and sunscreen, but what about... more
5 Ways to Make Living in Your Car the Best Experience Ever (A River Guide's Perspective)

5 Ways to Make Living in Your Car the Best Experience EVER (A River Guide's Perspective)

by Acadia Gantz
1. Find a car that fits you. While a Subaru outback might be the most common car you see parked outside a river warehouse, you’ve got to accept that you’re only going to fit if you’re under 5’10... more


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