Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho whitewater rafting

"Difficult" Re-adjustments River Guides Make to Civilized Living

by Lenore Perconti
After river season I moved to Portland, OR. This is my first time living in a city with public transportation. This is my first time living in a place where I can't travel for three minutes and see... more
Galapagos Islands

Where in the World is Peter Grubb? 2014 Edition

by Peter Grubb
In mid-December I was heading out the door for a one day trip to Boise, Idaho for the annual Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association meeting.  Betsy, my wife of 30 years, asked me “How many... more
Pacific Giant Salamander

Species of the Month: Pacific Giant Salamander

by Lenore Perconti
Trip: Rogue River Rafting Habitat: Cold creeks & surrounding forest floor Likelihood of encountering this species: Rare to moderately rare In early September my fellow guides and I led a... more
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