Ten Ways You Will See Your Guide on a Multi-Day Trip with ROW

by David Whitt
1.    Greeter Chances are that you’ve been to a Costco, a church, or eaten at a nice restaurant. Maybe you don’t see a difference between the three. Regardless, when you first arrive on a Row... more
Father's Day Gift Ideas Whitewater Rafting

Father's Day Gift Idea for Dad's Who Love the Outdoors: A Family Rafting Adventure

by Editor
Father's Day is fast approaching. You may be sitting around wondering "What does dad really want? What can I get him that is special, meaningful, and unique?" What dad wants likely isn't things,... more
Guacamole recipe

Recipe from Camp: Holy Guacamole!

by Editor
Believe it or not, rafting a river builds up quite an appetite! Which is why we always provide a filling lunch and tasty snacks along the way. Our staff all have their own favorite lunches, but... more

A Look Into the Life of the River Jester™

by Cayla Sanderson
July 3, 2014     For a few calm moments I close my eyes listening to the peace of the canyons and distant crash of the river around the bend. Eventually the soft white noise is broken with... more
Bruneau River

The Majestic and Remote Bruneau River

by Tom Scarborough
I just got back home from an early season private river trip on the Bruneau River with two good friends. ‘Wow’ is the first word that comes to mind, and that is a big understatement. The canyon... more
Owyhee River Rafting

The "Unraftables," or Bucket List Rivers, Open for Spring Rafting

by Editor
With Idaho's snowpack at about 130% so far this year, all signs are pointing to a great rafting season for the Northwest. Plus, big snowpack means great spring rafting - whether it's bigger rapids... more


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