Certified Interpretive Guides at a Homestead

Guiding Eyes: The Importance of Certified Interpretive Guides

by Editor
Below is an article written by Alan Leftridge, an interpretive consultant, that originally appeared in the National Interpretation Association magazine. He writes about the importance of direct eye... more
Variety of Conifers

Species of the Month: Douglas Fir & Other Conifers

by Lenore Perconti
  Trip: All trips in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana.      Habitat: Northwest Coniferous Forests Likelihood of encountering this species: Guaranteed Do you see the variety of... more

Lessons in Nature - Winter

by Janice Miller
In the Pacific Northwest, specifically northern Idaho, we are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons. However, while growing up, we joked that we had two - winter and summer. It seemed as... more

Lessons in Nature - The Forest

by Janice Miller
I grew up in a logging community. (Tagline: This family is supported by timber dollars.) I grew up seeing the forests as a commodity. My dad cut the trees, and I used the product (like toilet paper... more
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