Guayaquil Ecuador

Ecuador After the Earthquake

by Emily Kinsella
On Saturday, April 16th, the small country of Ecuador was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake along its Western coast. The shakes and aftershocks could be felt over 400 km away in the nation’s... more
Take Back Black Friday for Edwar and yourself

This Thanksgiving, Let's Take Back Black Friday

by Editor
This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to #TakeBackBlackFriday with us! The campaign encourages people to #takebackblackfriday by skipping the Black Friday shopping frenzy, and, in turn, supporting a... more
Running the Rio Maranon South America The Primary Source

#Causes: The Primary Source - Running the Río Marañón

by Sam Morrison
I was sick; really sick. The kind of sick many people experience when traveling overseas, where your guts feel like there is something living inside them. Tom and I were on an eight hour van ride... more
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