Guest Testimonials

croatia-adventure"We’ve been on many river trips, dating back to 1974, and the ROW crew interacted with guests better than any other crew I’ve known."
- Bill & Payton Budinger, Key West, FL

"I made a point of re-reading your brochure after we got home. Every word in it is true and all the accolades from your past guests are accurate and well-deserved."
- Bruce Austin, Berkeley, CA

"ROW showed me a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience. I like their approach, philosophy and efforts to keep our few remaining wild places wild."
- Mike Dombeck, Chief Emeritus, U.S. Forest Service

"As a professional travel guide book writer, I have yet to come across a more well-run and professional outdoor company."
- Alf Alderson, Pembs, Wales, U.K.

"For whitewater, pristine nature and not a museum in sight, my family and I enjoyed a week on the river with ROW–and came back for more the next year! Thanks for the wet fun."
- Rick Steves, Author of Europe Through the Back Door

"I’ve never seen guides work as well with children, nor have I seen a river activities program for children better than this one."
- Christine Loomis, Author of Fodor’s Family Adventures

"The very best part of the journey is the staff. ROW guides and counselors have an unsurpassed rapport with children. Perhaps that’s a tribute to (founder) Peter Grubb, who, with children of his own, knows everything families need."
- Family Life Magazine
"I still can't believe that it is possible to have that great food out in the wilderness. This is my fifth ROW trip!"
- Gary Johnson, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"We can't begin to tell you what a great time we had. You did a super job, especially with the kids. The river, the rapids, the food, the scenery, the campfire, games and weather were all perfect."
- John Drake Watson, Jr., Richmond, VA

"My husband and I agree this was the best week of our lives."
- Catherine B. McKinney, Charlottesville, Virginia

"Your way of being friendly gave me the chance of enjoying the great nature, feeling the wilderness, and being one of a happy group - thanks!"
- Jurgen Deutschmann, Karlsruhe, Germany

"I have just completed the Middle Fork of the Salmon walk. This is my second trip with your fine company. During many years of outdoor activities I have not experienced one that came close to your quality with respect to knowledge of the area, food, safety, accommodations and a desire to provide a lasting experience."
- Janice White, Sun City West, Arizona

"After six river trips, your outfit is the best. Cannot say enough about what a great time I had and how everyone worked so hard to make sure I did."
- Carol Giltner, Burkbank, IL

woman-adventure "You will never know how much we appreciate all of your patience, humor, talent and skill. You have touched our hearts, and the memories that you created for us will follow us to heaven."
- Lorrie Zahodnic, Macomb, MI

"The experience was absolutely unique and to quote my teenage sons, 'totally awesome.' We learned, were thrilled with the whitewater, made new friends, ate like kings and most importantly-totally relaxed."
- Joseph Diblasi, Kew Garden, New York

"The food was unbelievable. I never imagined that I would eat like royalty, but I did. I never expected to have hot coffee delivered to my tent in the mornings nor did I expect to sleep like a baby. These are the special touches that leave lasting memories."
- Jeanne Hughson, Bellaire, TX

"I would never have believed that the best service I'd ever receive would be on a river bank - but it's absolutely true!"
- Janine Elliott, Red Robin Restaurants, Tacoma, WA

"It is impressive to both Jo and I how you folks have developed and sustained this service-oriented business with its strong environmental advocacy. We've certainly enjoyed picking the fruits of your labors over the years - on a number of continents!"
- Bruce & JoAnn Amundson, Shoreline, WA

"We join the Maraghy's in rating our Missouri River canoe trip as an outstanding success. The scenery was incredible and the camping great. But what really made the trip was the ROW crew. They were always cheerful, helpful and a lot of fun to be around."
- Davis North, Greensboro, NC

galapagos-adventure"Having spent many days on rivers with ROW, I feel qualified to say that the entire ROW 'family,' past and present, are some of the best people breathing air. You are all kind, gentle, smart, caring, honest, aware, concerned, motivated, hard-working and FUN!! It is an honor and privilege to know you and be a part of the family, even if it's only at the fringe."
- David Lee, Chagrin Falls, OH

"I loved the combination of pampering and being helped to enjoy a real wilderness. Fabulously planned!"
- Mary Damon, Richmond, VA

"My family and I have just reentered the real world (kicking and screaming, believe me) from a canoe float down the Missouri last week with your guides: Ryan, Karen, Kalisha, Andy, Tim and Jefferson. It is not doing them justice just to tell you what a superb job they all did. We commend you on the "first-class" operation you run."
- Jon & Susanne Purnell, Portland, OR

"The level of service was outstanding. The balance between 'serious learning' and fun was good. The food was fantastic. I appreciated tables and chairs - I have taken two trips down the Colorado thru the Grand Canyon (wonderful trips) but no nice creature comforts - sit on the ground or a stump to eat and talk!"
- Edith Knox, Campbellsville, KY

"The food was wonderful! The guides worked extremely hard meeting the needs of 24 people ranging from 12 - 75 years with unfailing cheerfulness. They were all friendly and accommodating."
- Regina Deis, Forestville, CA

"The tent set-up was a gift and they (the guides) all seemed delighted to provide the services they did. I've been on many river trips dating back to 1974 and this crew interacted with guests better than any other crew I've known!"
- Bill & Peyton Budinger, Key West, FL

egypt-adventure "I'm not (until now) an outdoors person. This was a big step for me and my family and it worked for us in every way."
- Susan Fitzgerald, Olney, MD

"This was a great trip both on the water and off - great fun and confident guides who were helpful, knowledgeable and creative in their efforts to make this a memorable experience for all."
- Craig & Shirleen Bakken, Bothell, WA

"There are many components in making a successful trip and ROW struck a wonderful balance. Above all, our seven guides succeeded in forging a great sense of community. They had a great sense of fun, cooked terrific food, taught us to appreciate a river and its history, and they did it all in just 5 days. We wanted our trip to last forever."
- Gary Pomerantz, Kentfield, CA

"You are to be commended for hiring four young people like our guides. Each one was positive, professional, enthusiastic, and made this trip the great pleasure it was."
- John Castleberry, Birmingham, AL


"From the warm welcome and thorough orientation meeting at the rendezvous hotel to a fabulous time on the river, my family completely enjoyed our Family Magic trip with ROW on the Salmon River Canyons! The boats and gear, including the rich variety of small boats for the kids and adults to play in, were state-of-the-art. The riverside feasts were abundant, delicious and beautifully presented. The idyllic broad sandy beaches where we camped were a dream come true. The side hikes, such as the one to the historic Chinese stone huts, were fascinating. The majestic scenery, including the truly awesome Snake River Gorge, was a highlight. Your entire staff was warm, highly skilled, thoroughly professional and tons of fun. We had an absolutely great time! Thank you so much!"
- William McGinnis
Founder & President, Whitewater Voyages

active-boomer-adventure "We still haven't stopped talking about the trip to everyone we see. You have excelled at hospitality and have set the bar very high, at your office and on the river. All your staff is excellent and you have communicated ROW's mission to all very well - we are envious. The interpretive aspect of the Salmon river trip was outstanding and we learned so much. It was such a pleasure to be with friends and their families and watch us all grow together. The experience with ROW was a real treasure in life's treasure chest! Thank you."
- Paul & Jennifer Breuer
Owners, Country Road Cabins & Adventures, Mountain River Tours

"Thanks again for the opportunity to participate on last week's Missouri River trip as Guest Historian. I must say I was most impressed with Ryan, Andy, Karen, Jeff, Tim and Kalisha. I have been on other river trips (Colorado, Amazon, Yampa, and Green) and did not encounter staff so willing to help, accommodate, and join in with the river guests the way your staff did. They are to be commended all the way round!"
- Peter Roop
Author, Sacagajea: Girl of the Shining Mountains

"As a professional travel guide book writer, I have yet to come across a more well-run and professional outdoor company."
- Alf Alderson
Pembs, Wales, U.K.

"ROW staff have consistently demonstrated a high level of commitment to the quality of their guests' experience."
- Mary DeAguero
Area Ranger, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

croatia-yachting "Owners Peter Grubb and Betsy Bowen have two children of their own - in fact, Mariah and Jonah Grubb, both under 10, often come along on the summer family trips on the Salmon River. Peter and Betsy definitely know how to run an exceptional family rafting journey; their experience and approach make them one of the best family outfitters anywhere. I've never seen guides work as well with children, nor have I seen a river activities program for children better than this one. ROW states in its brochure that it aims to run all its trips "with uncommon professionalism, unsurpassed personal service, and a commitment to protect and preserve the environment." This it does, but it also runs its trips with a a lot of heart."
- Christine Loomis
AAA Tour Book / ASU Travel Guide

“My previous three trips to the Galapagos have been the more common and traditional cruise-based tours. ROW’s trip was by far my favorite with more intimate wildlife viewing opportunities and a mode of travel that simply fits in more naturally.”
- Julian Smith
Author, Moon Handbook: Ecuador